Kenneth G. Stickney

Mr. Stickney, as the President and Managing Partner of Pixelsmiths, is responsible for all business affairs, marketing and sales. As the managing partner he oversees all aspects of operations and top level project management to assure customer satisfaction.

Prior to Pixelsmiths, Mr. Stickney was a partner and V.P. of Operations at Information Technologies Unlimited, which was sold to Physicians On-Line in 1995. Mr. Stickney then started Pixelsmiths in 1996, where the team developed In 1999, Mr. Stickney successfully negotiated the sale of to Bill Gross of Idealab! who then in turn hired the Pixelsmiths team to help get the entertainment web site off the ground. Mr. Stickney was the Director of Production Operations at, where he over saw business affairs of 35 productions and was involved in the sales of site sponsorship.

Since 1982, when Mr. Stickney received his Business Administration Degree, he has been involved in the computer industry and has been responsible for managing every facet of business operations.